altcoin – Have a bunch of pockets.dat information. What alt-coins have they got (and could also be how a lot)?


Just a few years in the past I mined a few alt-coins. Now I’ve roughly 5 wallets that are named in non-suggestive manner: wallet_01.dat, wallet_02.dat, …, wallet_05.dat. Every of them has affordable quantity of cash, additionally I don’t know how a lot precisely and what coin correspond to every pockets. Now I wish to restore some order by checking what do I’ve and the way a lot.

Is there a manner for me to determine this out? I don’t keep in mind precisely what these alt-coins are however have approximate concepts (most likely can attempt to keep in mind and choose 30 potential candidates).

With this, I clearly can attempt every of the alt-coin consumer, look ahead to sync (could also be don’t even want this) and attempt to open every of the pockets. This will likely be very sluggish and since I’m not 100% positive I will likely be fortunate with my 30 crypto-coin guesses may take even longer.

So, is there a method to discover a corresponding alt-coin for a pockets. Even perhaps discovering how a lot cash are within the pockets with out downloading the consumer?

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