authorized – Copyright declare to Bitcoin Whitepaper


As you may know Craig W.(rong) is at the moment attempting to «get» possession over the BTC Whitepaper. I do know this enterprise might sound ridiculous and innocent, however I imagine it may be harmful due to it is populistic nature. Alongside with the doable lack of expertise and/or caring of authorized establishments it might need a substantial damaging impact. This is the reason I attempt to perceive some extra:

  1. As I perceive it the Software program has been revealed below an MIT public license – Does not this have an effect on the copyright scenario of the Whitepaper as properly?
  2. The Unique Whitepaper lists «» on it is first web page – Does not this imply who ever runs this area, owns the copyright alongside with »Satoshi Nakamoto« (if there’s a copyright in any respect)?
  3. Why does C.W. pursues his claims in England?
  4. Doesn’t suggest the truth that the Whitepaper was revealed on-line and at no cost below a Pseudonym, that whoever revealed it, clearly has no intention of any copyright declare?
  5. Do Satoshis E-Mails comprise any clue about his/her/their intentions relating to the whitepaper?

I’m conscious these are lots of questions and I’ll analysis them myself as properly, however perhaps somebody has a solution to a number of of them at hand.
Thanks upfront!

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