bitcoin core – CScript to CPubKey or derive CPubKey from CScript


Please can somebody advise whether it is attainable to derive the CPubKey from a CSript object? Offered i get it up with an handle earlier than hand,

I can use quite a few features to achieve all the information from the CPubKey utilizing features, however are you able to make a CPubKey from a CSript?

Or are they an excessive amount of chalk and cheese?


Following the primary reply I’ve tried the beneath to no pleasure. The script returns completely empty:

CScript scriptPubKey1;
CBitcoinAddress handle("L4VPgtoBtuxsYMgyrRvQRadSV1Y139TDfd");

CScript::const_iterator it = scriptPubKey1.start(); // or particularly, the placement of the pubkey within the CScript object
opcodetype opcode;
std::vector<unsigned char> knowledge;
scriptPubKey1.GetOp(it, opcode, knowledge); // knowledge now comprises the byte vector

CPubKey pubkey3 = CPubKey(knowledge);

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