bitcoin core pockets and python bitcoin-lib


I’ve a regtest bitcoin setting with nodes and wallets. I am working bitcoind and bitcoin-cli, model v0.21.0.0.

So in my node i created my pockets with a bitcoin-cli -regtest createwallet node1 "w1", my query is, how am i able to import my pockets into ?

I assumed that I needed to export my grasp key, with one thing like:

bitcoin-cli dumpwallet /tmp/pockets.dump >/dev/null && grep "prolonged non-public masterkey" /tmp/pockets.dump

And dump a non-public key with:

bitcoin-cli -regtest dumpprivkey $(bitcoin-cli -regtest getnewaddress)

Then would simply matter of use them to create a brand new pockets like:

from bitcoinlib.wallets import Pockets, wallet_create_or_open, HDKey

# all information from regtest, no leak or so ever

private_keys = [
    # priv key
# regtest and testnet are the identical
# the imported_key is the grasp key extracted with dumpprivkey.

hd_key = 
HDKey(import_key="tprv8ZgxMBicQKsPf98zVnDSA3CH5LvexysRGWq1MGUdR6xTLrky41yhJ3j4RaSdXDFHi7L6KWwoozYcHTufX3y75NxuyVu7oSQE7KsPXoXFAcx", community="testnet", key=private_keys[1], encoding="bech32")

w = wallet_create_or_open("node_1", keys=hd_key, community="testnet")

Which prints me an handle, however in a completely completely different format, stating with mxxxx, as a substitute of bxxxx.. which makes me uncertain if I am doing the correct factor.


is that the correct technique to work with bech32 addresses? Are the mxxx addresses bech32, or base58?

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