bitcoind – Is there a strategy to keep away from sendtoaddress from “sweeping”?


I’ve a pockets that has a number of hundred small quantities residing at a number of addresses. I seen yesterday that, when sending a comparatively small quantity to a 3rd social gathering that the bitcoind “swept” about 47 of these small quantities collectively as vin quantities and generated two vout locations; 1 is the third social gathering, the second is a brand new handle within the pockets (a change handle).

What shocked me is that, quite than assembling solely the variety of fragments obligatory for the switch (plus price), it swept most of the fragments collectively to generate a a lot bigger than obligatory change switch.

To present some specifics however to maintain it easy:

  • I initiated a sendtoaddress by way of the cli. The quantity transferred was 0.004 BTC
  • Bitcoind used some 47 current fragments as vin, producing a complete worth of 0.08+ BTC

Is there any approach, apart from manually producing a uncooked transaction (which I can do, however I choose to not after I can keep away from it since a easy error may end up in inadvertently producing a big price quantity… 🙂 ) to pressure sendtoaddress to assemble solely the minimal items wanted?

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