bitcoind – Non-public key solely pockets for Bitcoin Core regtest


I am operating a non-public regtest community on GCP. I generated an inventory of 2000 self-importance testnet addresses ordered sequentially from prefixes mooo1 to n2ooo with their respective pub/priv key pairs, and to stop problems, I wish to solely have one personal key for every node (change in outgoing transactions are despatched to the unique deal with). As a result of there is no safety concern in my setting (it is only a efficiency take a look at, no cash or attacker is concerned), I wish to make every bitcoind occasion solely use a single personal key for all transactions, and never generate new addresses by means of an HD pockets. It’s because viewing transactions is rather more streamlined. I can inform which node is sending bitcoins to which different node, and diagnose points extra simply. Is there an possibility in bitcoind to solely use a single personal key?

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