bitcoind – Prompting an account identify


This appears like a refined situation with the code you might be utilizing and I don’t assume you’re taking a smart method to getting the identify again from the enter. The javascript won’t execute inside your PHP, it solely runs when despatched to the browser.

When it executes your operate immediate known as however the return is every part contained in the quotes on line 7, which isn’t what you typed into the enter however is precisely what’s contained in the quotes:

$reply = "<script kind="textual content/javascript"> doc.write(reply); </script>";

I ought to ask, in what mode are you executing or calling your PHP – PHP could be executed standalone or it may possibly execute with a browser web page request.

I’d resolve this in a really rudimentary style by making a HTML kind which solely shows if some $POST possibility is just not set with the enter, establishing the shape to publish again to the identical URL and checking first for the $POST information as mentioned. Then, if the $POST information is about, go forward and create the output web page – all within the one PHP file.

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