bitcoind – The place can I discover a excessive efficiency search capabilities in a Bitcoin node implementation?


The place can I discover a Bitcoin node implementation, which is able to 1000’s of searches per minute, with out degrading efficiency of the node?

I’m conscious of two Bitcoin node implementations.

I’m on the lookout for a BTC node implementation, which implements increased efficiency search capabilities, so I can search utilizing syntax comparable in capabiilty to SQL. I perceive why LevelDB was chosen within the Bitcoin Core implementation (undecided what’s used within the btcd implementation), however search efficiency doesn’t stand as much as my use case of executing 1000’s of searches (utilizing bloom filters) per minute, as described right here.

I’ve written a searchable database back-end utilizing PostgreSQL, however its database have to be pruned so as to archieve the excessive efficiency I require, which isn’t optimum. Pondering out loud, it looks as if a NoSQL database like Cassandra, MongoDB, or the like could be higher suited to this use case. However, I’ve not been capable of finding a Bitcoin implementation, which makes use of a NoSQL or comparable database.

With that that in thoughts, does anybody know of a Bitcoin, or altcoin, node, which meets my use case?

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