blockchain – Are you able to doubtlessly mine for something?


That is extra of a normal “blockchain” query and never particular to Bitcoin so if I am off subject right here I’d recognize it for those who might direct me to a extra related stackexchange perhaps.

On PoW-based blockchains, contributors mine for distinctive hashes with a particular variety of main zeros and so on. (there’s in all probability extra to it but it surely’s irrelevant to my query).

However I am questioning whether or not a blockchain might ask contributors to mine for one thing else. Consider it as a recreation, a problem. As an instance a string of characters (bytes, a file no matter..) “hidden” contained in the blockchain. Mining for that string ought to (as in: that is the problem) be as onerous as mining for these distinctive hashes.

My questions are the next:

  1. Is it attainable?
  2. How/The place would you conceal it (consider a “customized”/theoretical blockchain, not any of the prevailing ones essentially)
  3. How would you enable customers to mine for it with out giving an excessive amount of away thus making it simple for them to hack their manner across the mining?

Relating to mining for distinctive hashes there may be nothing to cover since you’re making an attempt to generate a random sequence of characters that does not already “exist” someplace. However in my speculation, the “hash” must essentially pre-exist “someplace” however the person should not have entry to it, solely “instruments”/hints to mine for it..

Thanks prematurely in your assist 🙂

I am not a blockchain knowledgeable (I’m a front-end Js developer) so I am searching for extra “high-level” solutions 🙂

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