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In an alternate web site we simply guide trades in our database and simply when consumer need to withdraw his BTC stability we make an actual transaction in bitcoin community for him. Take into account a situation {that a} consumer deposits 2 BTC and after some trades he now owns 5 BTC. His public tackle stability is 2 BTC and server should ship 5 BTC to consumer’s tackle. So server have to do multiple transaction: 2 BTC from his personal deposit tackle and the remaining 3 BTC from one other tackle that server manages. On this situation we should pay price for a minimum of 2 transaction. We often in withdrawal take price only for one transaction from consumer. The issue is now server should pay the opposite charges?
What’s the answer for this downside?

In BTC situation I need to use’s pockets app api. As I understood, we will have a number of publuic tackle corresponding to at least one prolonged public key of pockets. So we assign every consumer to a distinct public tackle in time of deposit. In time of withdraw, we will pay from blockchain’s pockets to withdraw tackle of consumer. Am I proper about this strategy?
I can generate new tackle of blockchain pockets with “http://localhost:3000/service provider/$guid/new_address” url. However this url simply generte BTC tackle. How an I generate new tackle for ethereum and bitcoin money in block api?

Is it potential to make use of such this answer for ethereum, litecoin and …

If not, how can I handle the issue of many customers deposits and withdraw in an alternate website?

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