c lightning – Completely different charge charge items – sat/vB, sat perkw, sat perkb


Whereas studying documentation of C-Lightning I discovered this in part about making onchain transactions with the pockets (funding and withdrawing the pockets):

feerate is an optionally available feerate to make use of. It may be one of many strings
pressing (goal for subsequent block), regular (subsequent 4 blocks or so) or sluggish
(subsequent 100 blocks or so) to make use of lightningd’s inside estimates: regular
is the default. In any other case, feerate is a quantity, with an optionally available
suffix: perkw means the quantity is interpreted as
satoshi-per-kilosipa (weight), and perkb means it’s interpreted
bitcoind-style as satoshi-per-kilobyte
. Omitting the suffix is
equal to perkb.

I’m used to sats/vB as that is utilized by most wallets I do know and likewise by e.g. blockstream.data explorer. What can be equal of, shall we say, 20 sat/vB in perkw and perkb items?

My understanding is that 1 sat/vB = 1000 perkw, so 20 sat/vB can be 20000 perkw. Is that this right?

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