chain reorganization – What are the explanations to keep away from spend-paths that turn out to be invalid over time (with no transaction)?


I’ve been informed {that a} spend-path that expires is one thing bitcoin designers have explicitly averted, and that it could trigger unhealthy reorg habits (eg right here).

To be clear about what I imply by an expiring spend-path, think about a script opcode that require {that a} explicit spend-path be executed earlier than a timelock has expired (relatively than the same old timelock the place the spend-path is simply legitimate after the timelock expires).

Satoshi talked about this type of factor right here saying that:

“Within the occasion of a block chain reorg after a segmentation, transactions want to have the ability to get into the chain in a later block. The OP_BLOCKNUMBER transaction and all its dependants would turn out to be invalid. This would not be truthful to later house owners of the cash who weren’t concerned within the time restricted transaction.”

Nevertheless, should you wait for six confirmations, no transactions needs to be occurring that anticipate to have truly obtained the cash if, say, a transaction is distributed with just one or two confirmations. If that occurred, a reorg after 3 confirmations would invalidate these transactions too. And a reorg after greater than 6 confirmations is statistically unimaginable until a 51% assault is underway. So I do not perceive satoshi’s level right here.

I used to be additionally informed that in a reorg, nodes do not should re-evaluate transactions which have already been validated, but when an expiring spend-path then you would need to re-evaluate transactions. Nevertheless, do not’ nodes should re-evaluate transactions in a reorg in any case presently? Because the re-org may have launched double-spending transactions, all transactions must be rechecked within the new UTXO context, do not they?

I used to be additional informed that there are “a complete bunch of different causes”. I am curious what they’re, however I have not been capable of finding a lot dialogue of this stuff by looking for “bitcoin monotonic” and “bitcoin context free”. I’d very a lot respect hyperlinks to extra details about these points.

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