I’m utilizing a chilly pockets and made a couple of tx two days in the past. Nevertheless, although what I needed to ship was a really small quantity of btc, the pockets made a number of utxo of giant quantities become involved and now all my property are locked up because the tx are unconfirmed.


  1. Why does a pockets have to make use of a number of utxo (enter>output 2>2 or 3>2) fairly than simply use one and cut up it in two (1>2)? (the aimed tx quantity is smaller than every utxo)
  2. Is the algorithm to pick out which utxo particular to every pockets or is there any normal rule all through bitcoin community?

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There are numerous motive as a result of wallets can use extra UTXO’s than wanted and each pockets has its personal coverage on computerized coin choice.

On this instance, Bitcoin Core do it to cut back fragmentation (to cut back UTXO’s with small btc quantity):
bitcoin-core computerized coin choice

On this instance, Electrum do it to raised protect person privateness:
Why does Electrum embrace seemingly pointless inputs in a transaction?

There are a number of aim you might have considered trying obtain with a coin choice technique and there’s no one technique that solves all issues, so in the event you care on which of your UTXO might be utilized in a transaction is best to verify the transaction earlier than broadcasting it or manually choose UTXO’s you’ll use.

When you present extra information on which pockets you used, we are able to perceive what occurred in your case.