– Are Coinbase and Blockfi secure and do usb-wallets have to be protected with Faraday cages?


As soon as I used to be attempting to register an account at Coinbase and Blockfi and give up once they started to require
a screenshot of ID card particulars and related stuff. After this ClamTK antimalware detected a bitcoin miner in one of many Mozilla addons (some Advert Blocker, in all probability Youtube Advert Blocker) put in within the browser. Although I can not inform now wether it was from Coinbase or Blockfi.

In a course on Bitcoin from Berkley on eDX it was talked about that Coinbase would not truly present a person with a non-public key. If I might purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase after which switch it to an usb-wallet (like Electrum on a daily usb follow OS), can I promote it later from this pockets?

Would Bitcoin storage on an USB stick require some Faraday cage to retailer the USB pockets in for defense from exterior electromagnetic disturbances?

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