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It is best to think about the channel inactive, if after 2 weeks, the opposite channel doesn’t broadcast a channel_update. At this level, it is best to attempt to shut the channel cooperatively, and if this fails, broadcast the latest dedication transaction.

If the channel is lively, however simply not routing funds, then it is best to strive to determine why that may be the case. Is it on account of liquidity points on the channel itself, or the opposite get together’s liquidity points, or maybe liquidity points in your individual channels?

For instance, if the opposite get together has no different channels, it’ll solely ever route funds that it makes. In case you have just one channel, or no liquidity, then you’ll by no means route funds aside from your individual by way of the channel.

If you happen to really feel that the get together you are linked to just isn’t sustaining their node and it’s negatively affecting you, then it is best to try a cooperative shut, and use the funds to open a brand new channel to a special peer.

So far as I am conscious, the present implementations don’t decide the status of their friends, besides apparent malicious actions which end in blacklisting. It’s at the moment as much as you to research and decide whether or not or not friends are helpful.

It will seemingly change in future software program updates, when now we have extra details about how persons are routing funds and what’s thought-about good or dangerous conduct. It will be untimely to make too many assumptions at this stage.

If you shut a channel, the charges depend upon whether or not it’s closed cooperatively or unilaterally. A cooperative shut is an everyday, small transaction, and the feerate is haggled, till each events agree on the price.

Within the unilateral shut, the price relies on what number of HTLCs are in flight, and the latest feerate which has been agreed. The bottom transaction weight is 724 bytes if there are not any HTLCs.

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