Cryptocurrency pockets Chrome extension – encrypted knowledge?


I had a crypto pockets a pair years in the past known as NEX (extension onofpnbbkehpmmoabgpcpmigafmmnjhl) and have since misplaced the backup phrases as I reset the laborious drive to offer to a household buddy to make use of with out realising the phrases have been there (hid the file so effectively I did not discover it). I managed to get a replica of the Chrome extension recordsdata again utilizing Recuva and have the 000003.log file in Native Extension Settings.

I attempted to comply with an analogous information for Metamask to retrieve the phrases ( however this did not apply because the log file appears to be encrypted. I assume it is encrypted as among the knowledge is in plain textual content:

IEC 61966-2-1 Default RGB Color Area – sRGB
XYZ b™ ·… ÚXYZ P meas
XYZ 3 ¤XYZ o¢ 8õ sig CRT desc
-Reference Viewing Situation in IEC 61966-2-1

However most of it appears like this:

óJE-ºMzÔ#Ä»£ÆhRO«_…ôË[K9Õ2åË>¨%ŽÔB5š5ëÇÒji®¬k¹<9z)ôG¹c”ºécë+è0¨K®Jj^JSŽ—šArÄïíRÇÉ#ÝÒK3{%”#·Â(¿/Ĭ[Šv/,äþ^‚ò$â$õIj—èVRmuè‡Zôóñi´.¤¦iXyçáß$´~þ¢õG 0M÷RŒí䛀ßs‘6y‰÷L%žY*.Di6¯·iÏ+™Öd­ãè»ñ±ÖÜWá³chm›N­˜DùšiÄV é<ƒÚS ¤ÒêAíq’

The developer has been useless and of no help so I am desperate here looking for some advice on where to start. I couldn’t locate an LDB file linked to this so have to assume it’s all in this log file.

Thanks in advance.

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