currencies – the right way to place a bitforex api purchase order


I’ve learn the documentation for BitForex on inserting a purchase order right here:

Then after understanding that, I learn the API Name Description documentation:

Here’s what I’ve in my code:

var crypto = require('crypto')
var axios = require('axios');
var accessKey = 'xxx';
var secretKey = 'xxx';

var nonce =;

var quantity = "1"
var worth = "0.00015393"
var image = "coin-eth-bf"

// tradeType 1 is purchase , tradeType 2 is promote
var tradeType = "1"
var message = `/api/v1/commerce/placeOrder?accessKey=${accessKey}&quantity=${quantity}&nonce=${nonce}worth=${worth}&image=${image}&tradeType=${tradeType}`;

var hash = crypto.createHmac('sha256', secretKey).replace(message);
var signData = hash.digest('hex');
axios.put up(`${accessKey}&quantity=${quantity}&nonce=${nonce}worth=${worth}&image=${image}&tradeType=${tradeType}`)
    .then(operate (response) {
    .catch(operate (error) {

I hold getting an error:

{ code: '1011',
  success: false,
  time: xxx,
  message: 'NeedParam accessKey and signData' }

I’m at present at a loss to why I hold obtain this error.
I’m passing each the accessKey and signData in.
The half that’s fuzzy to me is the signData.

  1. Am I creating the signData correctly based mostly on the documentation?
  2. Additionally, am does order matter for the parameters which can be being handed
  3. in? The rest I’ll probably be doing fallacious?

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