How a lot privateness does Lightning even have?


I can not discover any data on what data is definitely contained inside a lightning transaction.

Let’s imagine Alice desires to pay Bob on lightning and routes by R1, R2, R3 within the following order

Alice > R1 > R2 > R3 > Bob

I assume Bob must know data relating to the channel UTXO from Alice, in any other case how would Bob know that the channel is funded?
If this assumption is true, how is Lightning extra non-public than Bitcoin? (aside from the truth that nodes needn’t retailer the knowledge on channel UTXO’s [but they can if they want…])

If Bob is thought amongst authorities as a typical endpoint for whoever they’re concentrating on, they’ll compel Bob to disclose if he acquired a fee which was funded from a channel with some identified UTXO (they might know the channel UTXO from on-chain evaluation of their monitoring of Alice). If Bob is logging the knowledge he is paid with, then he would have the power to adjust to this authority, successfully making this Lightning fee no extra non-public than a Bitcoin fee. If Alice gave Bob some private data in relation to the fee, this may utterly dox Alice to authorities.

Additionally, does R1, R2, R3 additionally know the channel UTXO?

If the channel UTXO just isn’t identified amongst contributors, how does the goal channel validate that the supply channel is funded?

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