How can I get well a electrum pockets with passphrase and keystore file?


Is there a strategy to get well a electrum pockets with out the seed?

To get well the pockets you want both

  • the password/passphrase of the pockets and a great backup of the pockets or
  • the seed phrase which is typically known as a restoration phrase or backup phrase.

Since you’ve got neither, you can not get well the pockets.

Many scammers will contact you and provide to assist, however they’ll simply steal cash from you.

It’s sadly too late for you, however anybody else studying this could be aware of the recommendation supplied by user-guides for wallets like Electrum:


Earlier than you start

You will want to obtain and set up electrum first. You possibly can obtain it from right here. In case you are on Home windows you need to use the installer model and never the moveable one.

You will want a pen and a pocket book (beneficial) or piece of paper to write down down the seed mnemonic. The pocket book must be stored someplace secure as soon as you’re finished with the set up course of so it will probably’t be a pocket book that you just use on a each day foundation.

  1. Electrum shows the seed to you as a 12 phrase mnemonic. It’s vital at this stage to write down down the seed in a pocket book. You will need to put it down on paper. Don’t hold it in your laptop!

Additionally write down “Software program: Electrum” in your pocket book beneath the seed mnemonic. You wouldn’t imagine the variety of customers who neglect what software program they used!

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