How Create Bitcoin pockets from a non-public key works?


I am attempting to know how i can create a pair of bitcoin personal key and public key with :

for instance :

 import blocksmith
 kg = blocksmith.KeyGenerator()

 #seed is the private key ?

 key = kg.generate_key()
 #returned key : 7e659f56d6f20a64258b65445c825e62edf6b89219d4b3eb3ebec6ecb8f62859
 #this key is a formated "(/sgroxa)n;[&1ox7fioqg4*v8" version  ?

 address = blocksmith.BitcoinWallet.generate_address(key)
 #returned address : 112qrCJdHgudHmsKKKwvj3AM3aN2eN9wpP

i cant see how i cant key my pub key for import it into electrum wallet for example ?
Cant you help to understand my mistake or if i confuse something?


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