How do Bitcoin and Litecoin examine in scalability?


Litecoin is utilizing largely the identical consensus guidelines as Bitcoin with a number of exceptions:

  • its blockchain derives from a definite Genesis block
  • it targets a block interval of two.5 minutes (10 minutes on Bitcoin)
  • halvings occur each 840,000 blocks (210,000 on Bitcoin)
  • block hashes are calculated with Scrypt as an alternative of SHA-256d

Because the extra pricey Scrypt hashing algorithm must be solely carried out as soon as per block in block validation, the impact on the IBD must be negligible in comparison with different steps within the validation. H/T @Nate Eldredge.

Since Litecoin has additionally activated segwit, its transaction capability is roughly 4 instances that of Bitcoin. Theoretically, this might trigger Litecoin’s blockchain footprint to extend at as much as 4 instances Bitcoin’s fee, presumably growing the IBD at the least on the identical fee. I surmise that the IBD may enhance superlinearly to the blockchain footprint as it might doubtless correspond to a better UTXO rely as properly. In observe, Litecoin is just utilizing a fraction of its blockspace and may have a considerably quicker IBD.

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