How does the mining pool know our hashrate/our share?


So, how does mining pool know, if we have now really gone by means of all of the 1000 mega hashes to submit one share to the mining pool (Particular person A has completed extra work than individual B)?

The mining pool do not know and do not care what number of makes an attempt your miner made to unravel a share, he care about what number of shares you really resolve. (individual A and individual B get the identical rewards in the event that they submit the identical variety of shares of the identical problem, no matter how a lot work they spend to seek out these shares)

However individual B who has low hashing energy already discovered a share however has not completed any work in comparison with individual A

If the individual B discovered the identical quantity of shares than the individual A however with a lot much less work, the individual B have been luckier than the individual A.

Soak up account that not all share have the identical problem and consequently the identical worth, usually mining swimming pools serve simpler share (which require much less work) to slower miners and tougher ones to sooner miners (to raised exploit the totally different speeds).

How does mining pool get to know if Particular person A has completed extra work than Particular person B, as miner doesn’t submit any unsuccessful hashes however the profitable ones, however already extra work has completed.

As already talked about above, you aren’t paid for the work you do however for the shares you produce.

The mining pool doesn’t know your hashrate, estimates it based mostly on the pace with you resolve the shares and their problem: in case you are fortunate and you discover extra shares than it’s best to, your hashrate can be overestimated, in case you are unfortunate and you discover much less shares the hashrate reported by the pool can be decrease than the precise one.

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