I cant open my bitcoin pockets


You might be utilizing bitcoin CORE with the default folder in appdata?

so the placement of the complete knowledge folder (together with the entire blockchain, and pockets.dat (the place your non-public keys are) is in:


copy and paste all that in a folder contained in the USB drive.

specifically care with pockets.dat, put it aside into TWO completely different drives, not one!, by no means do CUT and paste, do at all times copy and paste, and do not drag n drop both it is harmful specifically with touchpads hehe, if you do not have two usb onerous drives for the complete blockchain, do a full backup in your USB drive, after which save in a flash drive solely the pockets.dat.

it’s one factor to must obtain the complete blockchain as a result of your USB onerous drive died, and one other is loosing all of your bitcoins so, pockets.dat , TWO copies (keep in mind, copies implies that the file is in your pc AND on the units) the extra the higher.

RESTORE: (my manner, perhaps there are different choices, that is how i did it, a number of occasions! when defender screwed my blockchain knowledge folder)

set up bitcoin core (ideally the identical model!, but it surely may very well be older, it really works)

as soon as it says sincronizing, shut it.
(that is so the pockets will create the info folders)

now go to:

and delete all the things inside, and change it together with your copy out of your USB drive backup

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