is there a strategy to write SCRIPTS that CONDITION OVER THE CURRENT TIME stamp?


I’m very new to bitcoin scripts, and must design some excessive stage bitcoin protocols with out sufficient time to essentially dive into the main points of the language itself.

Is there a strategy to write a script that situations on the present time?
one thing like this. the place currentTime stands for the present time stamp.


if currentTime<GivenTimeLimit: 
 redeeming requires realizing x s.t h(x)=x (enter is x)
 redeeming requires realizing x s.t. h(x)=x AND z s.t. h(z)=z (inputs are x and z)

I’m attempting to create a state of affairs the place till time (or date) GivenTimeLimit, just one social gathering p1 can redeem a specific amount, however after GivenTimeLimit, solely the opposite social gathering, p2, can redeem this quantity. Is that attainable?

Thanks very a lot!

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