json rpc – What does the sixth line within the output of the Bitcoin Core GUI RPC command “gettxoutsetinfo” imply?


An instance of the output of this RPC command is as follows.

 1  "top":n,     (numeric) The present block top (index)
 2  "bestblock": "hex",   (string) The hash of the block on the tip of the chain
 3  "transactions": n,      (numeric) The variety of transactions with unspent outputs
 4  "txouts": n,            (numeric) The variety of unspent transaction outputs
 5  "bogosize": n,          (numeric) A meaningless metric for UTXO set dimension
 6  "hash_serialized_2": "hash", (string) The serialized hash
 7  "disk_size": n,         (numeric) The estimated dimension of the chainstate on disk
 8  "total_amount": x.xxx          (numeric) The whole quantity

What is the that means of the sixth line “hash_serialized_2”? Whose hash is that this referring to?

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