lightning community – How does lnd ensure it doesn’t reuse the identical route twice for a retry after the primary fee failed?


Suppose LND node A needs to ship a fee to a different node D. The pathfind algorithm based mostly on Dijkstra discovered a route by B and C and initiates the fee. It fails, as B -> C doesn’t have ample steadiness/bandwidth.

Will LND simply fail the fee or strive one other time with a special route? How does it keep in mind the failed route?

Comply with-up query: Can node A work out, which edge failed?

To be extra clear, in my instance, all channels have 0.5BTC as capability, and all of them have an equal steadiness distribution of this capability (0.25, 0.25), apart from B -> C, which has (0, 0.5), so B at the moment can’t ship any funds to C.

The steadiness state (right here: (0, 0.5)) is non-public, however the capability of all channels is public.

Because the routing computation is finished in A (supply routing), the algorithm initially has no information of the balances. If A simply needs to ship 0.001BTC, the routing algorithm will discover the route, nevertheless it can’t attain the goal.

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