Litecoin Fork Compilation Validation Error bad-cb-length, Transaction verify failed


I’ve been engaged on a fork of Bitcoin/Litecoin, and was capable of run sudo make && sudo make set up with no points. Nevertheless once I run kangrocoind (kangrocoin is title of coin), it is going to start as well and cargo the pockets, nevertheless I then obtain this error (genesis and merkle shortened for comfort, each is 64 characters in size):

ERROR: ConnectBlock: Consensus::CheckBlock: bad-cb-length, Transaction verify failed (tx hash 2dce389…) (code 16)
2021-04-11T00:09:47Z InvalidChainFound: invalid block=1a59bed… peak=0 log2_work=20.000022 date=2021-04-10T01:21:50Z
kangrocoind: validation.cpp:1294: void InvalidChainFound(CBlockIndex*): Assertion `tip’ failed.

Does anybody know a potential answer? Thanks!

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