merkle tree – Is the hash of ZMQ channel blockhash a merkleroot hash?


Because the title suggests, it’s the block hash, not the merkle root hash. It’s the hash of the block header which incorporates the merkle root hash. To study whether or not your tx is included in a block, you’ll need to fetch the block with that hash after which seek for your transaction inside that block. You are able to do this by utilizing the getblock RPC after receiving the ZMQ message. You might additionally use the rawblock ZMQ channel and obtain your complete block in full, however that may even imply that you might want to implement block parsing.

Even for those who may simply get the merkle root, the merkle root itself doesn’t include enough data to find out whether or not a specific transaction is included in that block. You continue to have to get the total block and search the transactions record in your transaction.

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