miner configuration – In a mining pool, can there be any two or extra nodes mining a block utilizing the identical nonce?


Me and my buddy determined to attempt to mine cryptocurrencies utilizing considerably outdated (few years outdated) unused however considerably first rate gaming PC. We determined to create or be a part of a mining pool to double our processing energy.

Since, the coin reward in mining pool is gonna be divided by members of a pool.

I’m wondering, if there’s a chance for 2 or extra nodes in mining pool to mine a block utilizing the identical nonce?

I’m guessing that this isn’t an environment friendly technique to pool mine. It might create a sub-optimal technique to pool mine, as a result of if two or extra nodes which are speculated to work collectively, are gonna waste energy to calculate a block utilizing a used (calculated) nonce- that’s already used (calculated) by your buddy within the pool.

This is able to even lower the doubling (multiplication) of computing energy.

In reality, there wouldn’t be any completely different that non-pooled miners (all competing to calculate the legitimate hash). Besides that pooled-miners want to separate the rewarded cash, whereas the non-pooled miners would preserve all their rewarded cash. Am I appropriate? Or do they (competing miners) even coordinate and mark used (calculated) nonce throughout the community?

I’m sorry, if I have not utterly understood the main points but.

In pool mining softwares, do they stop this (calculate utilizing identical calculated-nonce) from occurring typically, like do they (the mining software program) coordinate the nodes to mine utilizing completely different nonces? Is there a protocol (guidelines) to stop this from occurring in bitcoin or every other cryptos typically? Or will or not it’s simply implementation dependent? If that’s the case, the right way to discover mining software program that might coordinate pool mining in an environment friendly means?

I’m nonetheless fairly new in cryptocurrencies typically, I’m sorry if there are any errors in my understanding, I’m enormously grateful for those who may appropriate them.

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