miner configuration – Is it doable (not possible) to mine bitcoins with Bitcoin Core v0.21.1?


Earlier than you inform me, sure, I am conscious CPU mining is lifeless in 2021 and trying to take action will possible simply burn CPU time for no good motive.

Nonetheless, my query isn’t whether or not mining is possible, however whether or not it’s doable with the (at present) newest model of Bitcoin Core, v0.21.1. From my understanding, it was doable in 2016, however the inner miner was “eliminated” in v0.13.0. Trying on the code, it is unclear to me whether or not it is nonetheless doable; miner.cpp continues to be current, for instance. All that appears to stay is the “-generate” possibility. Does this selection truly enable mining on mainnet?

If the reply isn’t any: Is not Bitcoin Core meant to be the reference implementation of Bitcoin? And provided that, is not it a bit odd that the reference implementation does comprise one of many core elements of Bitcoin, that’s, the mining system? I perceive it is pointless to take action, however because the reference implementation, should not Bitcoin Core present this characteristic regardless?

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