mining concept – Why do we want miners


I do know everybody says that we want mining to resolve the double spending problem, however why? OK I’m Alice and I need to ship Bob some cash, however double spend that cash. That is the half the place you say mining solves the issue, however why does not Bob additionally transmit the message? When Alice broadcast what she desires to be her pretend message she is including all of the parts to make it a legitimate message. She nonetheless has to signal that message along with her personal key. She nonetheless has to signal for the quantity. Bob cannot make that Transaction occur twice, by repeating it so him broadcasting it to the remainder of the community will not trigger any hurt. If Alice is being sincere then she already did it and the community can ignore Bob sending it once more, but when she will not be being sincere then bob sending it once more will pressure it to be a legitimate message even when Alice does not need it to be. When Alice tries to double spend with charlie, Charlie already is aware of as a result of Bob despatched the transaction out.

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