nxt – Attaching further information / textual content message to a Bitcoin transaction?


I am constructing an single web page net app, the place I have to ship the customers inputted string (e mail handle) together with their bitcoin fee. Say for instance I’ve a single web page net app that points present certificates barcodes and settle for Bitcoin or altcoins. The issue I am having is that if the consumer pays to my static bitcoin handle, how do I do know the place to ship the barcode data to? I would like some type of contact, in my case it is an e mail handle that the consumer inputs on to the web page. What methods can the consumer ship me their e mail handle?

Some issues I bumped into was the static bitcoin handle. If a number of folks paid to the identical bitcoin handle, I will not know who to ship the barcode to. But when I’ve 100 pre-generated addresses. And one among them was chosen at random then mixed with the e-mail handle. It will much less possible have a collision of somebody paying on the similar time to the identical btc handle.

Now the problems is getting that e mail+btc handle to me to confirm the transaction has been accomplished.

One of many different options I got here up with was requiring one other altcoin that had messaging means inbuilt. The one 2 I do know of is Florincoin and NXT the place you may embody a message with every transaction. The one difficulty with that is that it requires the app proprietor to carry florincoin or nxt (i do not imagine you may connect a message in ethereum?). Utilizing shapeshift to transform BTC to one among these cash works, however you can’t connect a message throughout this shapeshift swap. If shapeshift enabled the power to additionally connect a message throughout their conversion this is able to technically remedy the problem by getting the e-mail handle to the app proprietor.

What are another options which may not require a centralized server to gather this information? Centralized server options are okay too in case you have an answer.

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