personal key – Is it potential to make use of BitGo’s pockets with different software program (Electrum or else), what’s the used derivation path?


BitGo wallets are based mostly on a 2-of-3 multi-signature, the tip person have entry to:

- Public key (xpub) of the third signer (as the principle pockets xpub)
- Native Segwit (Bech32), bc1... addresses to obtain BTC belongings
- Personal key/seed (BIP39) of the first signer (and public key xpub as properly)
- Personal key/seed (BIP39) of the 2nd signer (and public key xpub as properly)

Seeds may be transformed to personal key right here, BitGo present it is personal recovery-tool (it is debug infos can be utilized to get the xpub keys of the primary and second signer).

Public xpub keys may be transformed to Zpub (p2wsh) right here or with Electrum with the command ./electrum.AppImage convert_xkey 'xpub...' 'p2wsh' --offline (Electrum and xpub-converter makes use of these specs and derivations paths).

Whereas it’s potential to import the BitGo pockets into Electrum with out error, Electrum by no means generate the identical receiving deal with as BitGo, Following this and this bitcointalk’s discussion board threads:

1. What’s the derivation path utilized by BitGo Bitcoin pockets?
2. Is it potential to make use of BitGo pockets in some other software program like Electrum or else?

Different associated QA: 1, 2, 3, (word that I’m utilizing Bitgo’s pockets via Bitwala)

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