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Most wallets lately generate a set variety of addresses once you create the pockets. For instance, Electrum creates 30. However what in case you want extra? I do know from speaking to a LOT of individuals that there’s security in having every transaction to your pockets by way of a special tackle. So 30 addresses is not going to final very lengthy. I’ve seen individuals speak about producing new keys from which to generate new addresses. Nevertheless, that’s so far as my understanding goes. So, let me ask it this fashion.

I at the moment use Electrum as my BTC pockets. I’ve received a brand new pockets simply generated in that program with all 30 addresses. That is how I’m used to doing issues. I’ve additionally lately put in bitcoind on my server the place I anticipate/hope to be receiving BTC to. I received bitcoind in order that I coulduse it to confirm when transations have been verified. However I don’t perceive the best way to hyperlink bitcoind and the pockets I created in Electrum. Nor do I perceive the best way to add extra keys/addresses to that pockets.

I’ve seen individuals speak about BTCPay server. However that appears to be extra a storefront. I do not want all that. I simply want a technique to show a randomly created tackle to every customer, and to have the ability to question my Electrum pockets (or use bitcoind) to learn how a lot is within the pockets at present second, ideally in each confirmed and unconfirmed funds (i.e. 0.162567 BTC confirmed, 0.0125 unconfirmed).

Any simple means to try this is appreciated. I am penning this website in PHP, so I can both execute an exterior program (like bitcoind or Electrum’s CLI interface) or I may make API calls in PHP instantly if there is a good set of PHP libraries round.

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