recuperate non-public key – Can I restore a further deal with of Bitcoin Core


As soon as in Bitcoin Core I created an deal with to obtain some funds from a faucet. After years I reopened the Bitcoin Core and began to synchronize it. After some time there was a crash, and I made a decision to take away the earlier Bitcoin Core folder (it gave the impression to be in a USB laborious drive and did not get to Recycle Bin – after I determined to revive the eliminated recordsdata it was too late).
Then I reinstalled the Bitcoin Core, put there a pockets.dat from backup and efficiently synchronized the blockchain. However I found – there isn’t any deal with for the tap, which I wanted and there isn’t any satoshi I anticipated. Apparently I created it earlier than the backup (some earlier historical past was there – so the pockets was restored – however with out the newest deal with). So, ought to I contemplate the worth on this deal with misplaced?

I attempted to create the dump (dumpwallet "dump.txt") and to search out the grasp non-public key there to revive the non-public key of this deal with someway. The dump file comprises some # prolonged non-public masterkey (begins with xprv). Additionally I do know the deal with, which I set to the tap (1J2ia2JZVoN8fqdvGYjkVaaX3A2C5BZzwj). So I assumed I can use this information in “Mnemonic Code Converter” ( (prolonged non-public masterkey to BIP32 Root Key enter and chosen the Bitcoin Core presets all over the place). Surprisingly sufficient the primary generated entry contained my first default deal with, however I could not discover neither of the opposite addresses from the dump file. The deal with from the tap would not exist within the dump both. What do I do improper?

Right here is the deal with I am speaking about: with/1J2ia2JZVoN8fqdvGYjkVaaX3A2C5BZzwj

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