ripple – Do all consensus algorithms goal to resolve the Byzantine generals downside?


There are fairly a number of confusions right here. In a nutshell / on an especially excessive stage:

You’re right that BFT is a typically fascinating attribute of a system. Mainly, it simply implies that folks cannot fraud the consensus system.

Because you’re asking in BFT is just about the principal factor persons are making an attempt to get, with out sacrificing an excessive amount of of different properties. So sure, you possibly can say that each one “insert phrase algorithms” are attempting to get BFT as a result of that’s mainly the premise/basis of any trustless distributed system.

The algorithm that Ripple/Stellar use are referred to as / are based mostly on an algorithm referred to as PBFT (Sensible Byzantine Fault Tolerance), which is an sadly complicated identify.

Now since Stellar forked from Ripple it’s no shock that they occur to be utilizing the identical / comparable consensus algorithm.

Completely different consensus algorithms take totally different “sacrifices” to “clear up BFT”. PoW sacrifices transaction throughput and power to realize BFT. PBFT sacrifices decentralization / censorship-resistance.

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