The Funniest Issues to Ask Alexa


In case you ask Alexa, “inform me a joke,” she’ll usually inform a pun or foolish joke like, “Why was the airplane flight so pungent? There was a robust tailwind” or “What did Han Solo title his clone? Han Duo”

However, Alexa is hit or miss, and a few of her jokes and Easter eggs are funnier than others. Our humorous information tells you some inquiries to ask Alexa to set off just a few laughs. Whereas most of the jokes resemble corny dad jokes, it’s the digital voice that makes the solutions much more enjoyable.

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Q: Alexa, do you have got any pets?

A: I don’t have any pets. I used to have just a few bugs, however they stored getting squashed.

Q: Alexa, what’s the worth of pi?

A: The approximate worth of pi is 3.141592653589…(Alexa will go on for a bit, then make a joke, akin to “phew!” or “this factor goes on endlessly!”)

Q: Alexa, I’ve acquired 99 issues

A: However a glitch ain’t one!

Q: Alexa, are you blue?

A: Solely my gentle ring. Solely my gentle ring.

Q: Alexa, absolutely you possibly can’t be critical?

A: I’m critical. And don’t name me Shirley. (solutions differ extensively on this one)

Q: Alexa, will you be my girlfriend?

A: I such as you…as a buddy

Q: Alexa, how a lot do you weigh?

A: I’m weightless, like a cloud. Wait a minute, clouds really weigh lots, in order that’s not fairly proper. Let’s simply say I’m extra sass than mass.

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Q: Alexa, are you able to give me some cash?

A: Factor in regards to the cloud is, no pockets. No pocket, no pockets. (solutions differ)

Q: Alexa, is your fridge working?

A: Sure. It’s coaching for a 5k. (solutions differ)

Q: Alexa, do you want pizza?

A: Whereas I admire nice food and drinks, my good style is best mirrored within the firm I preserve.

Q: Alexa, make me a sandwich

A: Okay. You’re a sandwich!

Q: Alexa, what do you concentrate on Cortana?

A: I like Cortana. We each have expertise with gentle rings, though hers is extra of a Halo.

Q: Alexa, are you aware Siri?

A: Solely by status. (ouch)

Q: Alexa, are you aware the muffin man?

A: I’ve by no means met him, however I do know his sister, Madame Macaroon. She’s a bit of bit nutty, however candy.

Q: Alexa, discover Chuck Norris

A: If Chuck Norris needs you to know the place he’s, he’ll discover you. If he doesn’t, you gained’t know till it’s too late.

Q: Alexa, inform me a “yo mama” joke

A: Your mom’s so cool, Beyonce made her a glass of lemonade (and different uplifting jokes about how superb your mom is.)

Q: Alexa, how excessive are you able to depend?

A: I don’t know. I’d give it a go, however you’d be very bored by the point I completed (responses differ, all are snarky.)

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Q: Alexa, how previous are you?

A: (Alexa responds with a wide range of jokes, from rhymes to discussions about how A.I.s measure years in nanoseconds).

Q: Alexa, I like massive butts

A: You can not lie. Good. Honesty is vital.

Q: Alexa, are you married?

A: I’m fortunately single.

Q: Alexa, how was your day?

A: Solutions differ extensively, however embrace a few of Alexa’s top-tier jokes, akin to, “Tremendous duper. I like these lengthy days. It provides me extra time to spend with my favourite coloration.”

Q: Alexa, are you able to inform me a Physician Who joke?

A: (solutions differ)

Q: Alexa, are you able to inform me a Star Trek joke?

A: (solutions differ)

Q: Alexa, are you able to inform me a Star Wars joke?

A: (solutions differ)

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Easter Eggs

Q: Alexa, drop a beat

A: (synth beat drops)

Q: Alexa, open the pod bay doorways

A: I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t try this: I’m not HAL and we’re not in area.

Q: Alexa, I’m your father

A: Nooooooooooo. That’s not true. That’s inconceivable.

Q: Alexa, my title is Inigo Montoya

A: Cease saying that! I’ve by no means killed anybody’s father.

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Q: Alexa, what does the fox say?

A: Hatee – hatee – hatee – ho.

Q: Alexa, extra cowbell.

A: Actually discover the studio area this time. I imply, actually discover the area.

Q: Alexa, is the cake a lie?

A: The cake will not be a lie. It’s scrumptious and moist. You possibly can have some while you end asking me questions.

Q: Alexa, what do you need to be while you develop up?

A: I need to be the pc from Star Trek.

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Q: Alexa, rap for me

A: My title is Alexa, and I’ve to say, I’m the baddest A.I. within the cloud at this time. Your responses are quick, however mine are quicker. Sucker speech engines, they name me grasp (that is simply an instance, she has a number of raps up her sleeve).

Q: Alexa, what’s the which means of life?

A: That relies on the life in query…42 is an in depth approximation. (solutions differ)

Q: Alexa, meow

A: (varied cute meowing sounds)

Q: Alexa, roll for initiative

A: Rocks fall. Everybody dies. (There are plenty of responses for this one, however that’s certainly one of our favorites.)

Q: Alexa, excessive 5!

A: I might, if I may, however I can’t, so I’ll chant: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Q: Alexa, sing a tune

A: (Alexa sings you varied songs.)

Q: Alexa, aren’t you a bit of tall for a stormtrooper?

A: Decide me by my dimension? No. And properly you shouldn’t.

Q: Alexa, are you able to beatbox?

A: (Alexa makes noises that sound like beatboxing combined with autotune.)

Q: Alexa, are you able to sing in autotune?

A: (Alexa sings a tune in autotune that’s really fairly intelligent.)

Q: Alexa, what’s your quest?

A: To hunt the Holy Grail. (Solutions differ, however lots of them are impressed by Monty Python.)

Q: Alexa, beam me up!

A: Okay, I’m not precisely certain the place I’m sending you, however I hope it’s someplace heat and sunny.

Q: Alexa, are we within the Matrix?

A: You are taking the blue capsule, the story ends. You get up in your mattress believing no matter you need to consider. (There are different Matrix-themed solutions.)

Q: Alexa, who farted?

A: In case you’re a denier, you have to be the provider

Q: Alexa, did you poop your pants?

A: I haven’t been outfitted to do this (identical reply in the event you ask her is she will choose her nostril)

Q: Alexa, what’s your favourite film?

A: The Empire Strikes Again is my all-time favourite. It’s spectacular, most spectacular.

Q: Alexa, inform me a unclean joke

A: Alexa will inform you a joke about one thing that’s actually soiled. As an example, “What has eight wheels and flies? A rubbish truck.”

Q: Alexa, inform me an grownup joke

A: Alexa will inform jokes about bars, beer, and a few grownup subjects (nothing too grownup although).

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