the way to set up Bitcoin and bitcoin money on the identical ubuntu server?


I used to be capable of efficiently set up Bitcoin ABC on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, alongside Bitcoin Core, utilizing these directions:

  1. Obtain the suitable binary from right here:

    For me, the command could be:


  2. Extract the archive:

    tar xzvf bitcoin-abc-0.16.2-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz

  3. Rename the binary information:

    cd bitcoin-abc-0.16.2/bin/; rename 's/bitcoin/bitcoinCash/' *

  4. Set up the information into /usr/native/bin:

    sudo set up -m 0755 -o root -g root -t /usr/native/bin *

And voilà!

bitcoinCashd -version outputs:

Bitcoin ABC Daemon model v0.16.2.0-6af5e93


bitcoind -version outputs:

Bitcoin Core Daemon model v0.15.1


ls /usr/native/bin outputs:

bitcoinCash-cli  bitcoinCash-seeder  bitcoind    test_bitcoin
bitcoinCashd     bitcoinCash-tx      bitcoin-qt  test_bitcoinCash
bitcoinCash-qt   bitcoin-cli         bitcoin-tx

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