uncooked knowledge – output descriptor serialization


I am wanting on the following official take a look at vector:


which is serialized for the primary key as:

04 ; model 4
88b21e ; `xpub`
00 ; depth 0 == public key of a grasp key
00000000 ; dad or mum fingerprint
00000000 ; little one index
60499f801b896d83179a4374aeb7822aaeaceaa0db1f85ee3e904c4defbd9689 ; chain code
03cbcaa9c98c877a26977d00825c956a238e8dddfbd322cce4f74b0b5bd6ace4a7 ; key knowledge
e233a252 ; base58 checksum

and the second key:

04 ; model 4
88b21e ; `xpub`
01 ; depth 1
bd16bee5 ; dad or mum fingerprint
00000000 ; little one index
f0909affaa7ee7abe5dd4e100598d4dc53cd709d5a5c2cac40e7412f232f7c9c ; chain code
02fc9e5af0ac8d9b3cecfe2a888e2117ba3d089d8585886c9c826b6b22a98d12ea ; key knowledge
44183bfc ; base58 checksum
  1. My query is for instance for the second key: is the depth linked with the appended tail /0/0/*? Whether it is, should not it’s 2 as an alternative of 1? Can depth be restored from the appended tail?

  2. Why is the kid index zero for the second key? Ought to it not be equal to the quantity that corresponds to the star. Can a baby index be restored from the appended tail /0/0/*?

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