use litecoin testnet on absolutely synced litecoin core on amazon ec2 occasion


I run a synced litecoind on amazon ec2 linux occasion.

[[email protected] ~]$ litecoind -version
Litecoin Core Daemon model v0.13.2.1  

[[email protected] ~]$ litecoin-cli getblockcount

I attempted beginning daemon with under instructions

  • litecoind -testnet -daemon
  • litecoind -daemon , then litecoind -testnet

I need to get litecoin testnet tackle to check sending LTCT. However once I generate tackle i get litecoin tackle. How can I exploit this core to modify between predominant internet and testnet ?


[[email protected] ~]$ litecoind --testnet --daemon
Litecoin server beginning
[[email protected] ~]$ litecoin-cli getnewaddress
error: could not connect with server

prime command reveals litecoind working.
5787 ec2-user 20 0 786m 26m 288 S 1.0 2.6 0:00.63 litecoind

Is it okay if i kill the daemon ??

Please Assist!

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