utxo set – What do these reminiscence configurations in debug.log of BitCoin Core characterize?


The block index and chain state databases are LevelDB databases. LevelDB has its personal caching and cache administration. So 2 MiB is being allotted for the block index’s LevelDB database cache, and eight MiB is being allotted for the chain state’s LevelDB database cache.

Nonetheless Bitcoin Core does further caching by itself, significantly for the UTXO set, which is saved within the chain state database. So Bitcoin Core can also be allocating 441 MiB for itself to handle a cache of UTXO set entries.

The distinction is that LevelDB will arrange its cache otherwise from Bitcoin Core’s in-memory UTXO set as a result of LevelDB is a database system. So it’s optimized for knowledge dealing with and has a method that’s generalized to every kind of database makes use of. Nonetheless Bitcoin Core is aware of what knowledge it’s placing into the database and so it could actually cache that extra successfully. It caches the information earlier than it must be serialized and written to the database. As a result of Bitcoin Core is aware of how the information will likely be used, it is caching by means of the in-memory UTXO set may be optimized for the precise use circumstances.

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