Blockchain, 4.0 technology, forex trading, cryptocurrencies, … have long been no longer unfamiliar terms for financial investors in general around the world. Over the past two decades, more and more investors have entered this market and achieved certain success. Large investment demand leads to the appearance of more and more brokerage centers and trading platforms to meet market demand. That’s when investors must have an accurate view to choose where to put their trust and long-term companion in their investment roadmap.

Among thousands of trading systems around the globe, IC Trade is chosen by a large number of traders and is known as the most reputable and transparent trading system in the world.

What is IC Trade?

IC Trade first entered the financial market in 2007. It is an exchange under the International IC Defi Technologies Company established intending to develop according to the wishes of the founding shareholders to keep up with the trends of the international markets along with the flow of cryptocurrency trading. After the establishment of IC trading resonated in Australia for a long time before penetrating and dominating the forex market worldwide in the early 2010s.

IC Trade works on the principle of applying Blockchain technology, allowing investors to trade and make profits by forecasting the exchange rate of an asset in a certain period. However, compared to competitors, IC Trade owns many outstanding advantages, most of which come from the development of the Australian technology platform. From there, it can build its reputation in the investor community.

Currently, in the context that the covid situation has shown positive signs and the economy is gradually recovering, IC Trade has started the community expansion phase with the desire to bring opportunities to increase income to a wide range of investors. This is also an opportunity for investors, traders, or any individual or organization with strengths in technology or market development to become IC Trade’s partners. IC Trade is ready to act as a bridge to take you further in the world financial field.

Why is IC Trade considered the most reputable and transparent exchange in the world?

Choosing a place to deposit your money and an investment plan cannot be a hasty decision. IC trade always shows its customers, who invest in finance, the prestige, and dedication in all aspects.

First, IC Trade is clear and transparent about legal issues, operating licenses, expert staff as well as other related information. At the same time, the certificates and licenses that IC Trade have obtained as well as being present at major financial institutions in the world further confirm the capacity and prestige of this Australian trading system:

_ Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number 335692 is authorized to conduct financial services in Australia.
_ It is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA – a body dedicated to resolving disputes between consumers and service providers).
_ Registered and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), under the business name True ECN Trading Ltd, as confirmed on the FSA regulated entities section of their website.
_ IC Trade has a professional indemnity insurance agreement with London’s Lloyd’s Insurance Company to protect its investors.

The next factor, which is also the most important factor to improve IC Trade’s reputation in the Crypto market, is the ability to provide extremely fast liquidity. The liquidity problems of this trading system are solved thanks to the outstanding strength of the technology that IC Trade owns – the Blockchain technology platform. Deposits and withdrawals will be processed extremely quickly and accurately by the system. At the latest, within a day, the money will be returned to the traders after placing the withdrawal order.

In addition, the breakthrough in technology also gives the IC Trade platform the leading transparency and security that not all exchanges possess. The financial information and personal information of traders are always transparent. Besides, anonymous.

How to make a profit from IC Trade?

Becoming globally popular proves that not only is it safe, the IC Trade platform is also a place that provides an opportunity to increase a huge and sustainable income for the community.

The profit per trading session in 60 seconds of IC traders is up to 95% of the order amount when participants correctly forecast the increase or decrease in the value of the cryptocurrency. For example, if an investor places a trade order of $1000 and wins, they will receive 95% of the amount on the trade (equivalent to $950) in just one minute.

It can be said that for a trader on the IC Trade system, they never limit their income at trading coins. Instead, developing the system helps them spread to the community, build a reputation, and earn a huge passive income. IC Trade also has an attractive policy system such as agency rights and trading commissions, backcom, and insurance on orders for traders.

When a trader buys agency rights with an initial fee of only $100, you will receive a commission from the system up to $50 for each F1 down the line. And this policy is spread to 7 generations of participants in 1 system. At the same time, when inviting more people to trade, players will also receive a commission of up to 2% of the total transaction value of the downline.

Backcom is one of the special policies from IC Trade to encourage community trading. Accordingly, the trader will be refunded up to 0.3% on the trading volume of the week. This means that the more transactions you make, the more refunds you will receive.

With reputation, transparency, profitability, and special support policies, IC Trade has brought a firm trust to traders and has been chosen by experts with many years of experience as a place to generate profits between systems on the market. Therefore, if you are looking for a trading system to develop income, IC Trade is one of the top names that traders should consider.

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